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A disruptive platform
technology in cancer & fibrosis

FAK plays a crucial role in cancer survival & metastasis

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Lung Cancer
Pancreatic Cancer
Colorectal Cancer
Skin Cancer

FAKnostics Cancer Therapeutics Program

Cancer-selective cyclic peptides with high efficacy and safety that inhibit cancer progression

Our proprietary hydrocarbon-stapled peptides effectively block the FAK FAT domain, offering a promising avenue for cancer treatment. These peptides possess remarkable properties, including enhanced alpha helicity, permeability, binding affinity, proteolytic resistance, and pharmacokinetic characteristics.

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Targeting the FAK FAT Domain

Unlike traditional methods that target the kinase domain, we prioritize the FAK FAT domain due to its high sequence specificity and critical role regulating the focal adhesion complex, cancer metastasis, and apoptosis.

FAKnostics Innovation

Our patented first-in-class FAK FAT inhibitors have a unique mechanism of action, creating drugs with higher anti-tumor efficacy, higher specificity, and lower toxicity compared to 1st generation FAK inhibitors.

FAKnostics Fibrosis Therapeutics Program

Transforming the Fight Against Fibrosis with FAK Inhibition

Combating Liver Fibrosis & Cirrhosis

Over 1.5 billion people worldwide have some form of chronic liver disease, ultimately leading to liver fibrosis, or excessive accumulation of scar tissue. At FAKnostics, we are transforming this worldwide problem with our innovative FAK inhibitors.

Tackling IPF - A Stealthy Lung Disease

With elusive causes and devastating consequences, IPF silently robs individuals of their breath and vitality. Our groundbreaking in-vivo studies are poised to deliver groundbreaking therapies, giving hope to those suffering from this insidious lung disease.

Scar Resolution - Unlocking New Possibilities

For far too long, patients have endured the burden of permanent scars and keloids. Together, we can rewrite the narrative, introducing innovative in-vitro approaches that pave the way for scarless healing and rejuvenation.

We have currently 3 pre-clinical programs in the application of our FAK inhibitor to fibrotic diseases. Preliminary data in our targeting of the FAT domain of FAK show superior results in reducing Liver, Lung and Skin Fibrosis relative to the kinase-domain targeting.
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Diagnostic & Prognostic Testing


proprietary IHC diagnostic asset that detects cancer in early stages

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