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Medical Chemist & Peptide
Drug Development Advisor

Dr. Sawyer has a long-standing scientific background developing peptide-based therapeutics (stapled peptides, macrocycles, peptidomimetics) for use in the clinic. Currently, Dr. Sawyer is Chief Drug Hunter & President of Maestro Therapeutics. He has over four decades of industrial drug discovery experience in both the pharmaceutical and biotech setting.

He has made numerous significant contributions to the field, including ALRN-6924 (stapled peptide dual MDM2-MDMX antagonist currently under clinical investigation), Scenesse® (peptide superagonist of MCR1 for the treatment of the orphan skin disease known as erythropoietic protophyria and related indications), and Iclusig® (small-molecule inhibitor of Bcr-Abl kinase for the treatment of resistant forms of CML). Furthermore, he has contributed to over 600 publications, patents, and presentations, and has held several leadership positions at Merck Research Laboratories, Aileron Therapeutics, Pfizer, and ARIAD Pharmaceuticals.

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